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-- Circle Breaker Madness --

Circle Breaker Madness is a brick destroying game. Use balls to destroy the bricks but watch out in this circular playing field, as the ball is always on its way out!
Catch it and send it back into the center on its mission to destroy the bricks.

--This game is only available for Windows--

Circle Breaker Madness is a game with an arcade and retro feeling. Simple graphics, catchy music and captivating gameplay.

Go for a run in endless mode, with 40 different levels, and try to destroy as many bricks as possible before your lives run out. Or try to set a time record normal mode, where you will encounter 10 predetermined levels.

Circle Breaker Madness is Golden Forest Games first step into the world of video game entertainment.
Founded by Kevin "Ratkes" Rampf,  currently sole member of the studio, it hopefully is the start of a great game developer career.

Music for the game was made by Arnd-Kisho Langenberg from KRAKL Games.


The game can be controlled by either using a mouse (with mouse wheel button) or keyboard.

Lots of options

The game is highly customizable. Look into the settings to tailor the game experience to your taste.

-- Accessibility Settings --
The game features a range of settings to make the game more accessible.

  • the game can be played with only one hand
  •  it can be played using only the mouse (if the mouse has a mouse wheel that also works as a button)
  •  it can be played only using the keyboard
  • game speed can be lowered
  • player can give themselves infinite lives
  • keys and buttons can be set
  • color contrast can be lowered
  • show indicators to better understand what is happening
  • turn of screen shake and effects

-- Credits --
A Golden Forest Games Production

A game made by
Kevin "Ratkes" Rampf

Math and programming advice



Arnd-Kisho Langenberg


Arnd-Kisho Langenberg
Kaii-Roman Langenberg
Sören Rampf

Special Thanks
 رامي اسماعيل | Rami Ismail
Shaun Spalding


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Circle Breaker Madness 1.0.1.exe 28 MB
Circle Breaker Madness Soundtrack.zip 18 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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I like how abysmally bad I am at this game. (:
Plase make a mobile version!

Yeah, the start is a bit hard, but I think you will get better at it with time. Thank you for buying my game.
While I am interested in a mobile version sadly there are no capacities to make one at the moment.

Really nice game, good to chill out after a long day. And ist nice to Destroy Bricks XD.
By the way with a little amount of time you will become realy good in this game

Thank you! It is nice to hear that you like the game. May you have many entertaining hours with it.

(1 edit) (+1)

So satisfying to see the destruction you cause with a well aimed (or lucky^^) shot. I love this game. And it’s so customizable that even a genre newb can get pretty far. Really shows the dev cares about accessibility!

To include many settings that lets the player customize the game was an important goal during production. I am pleased to hear that it help. Thank you very much for buying and playing my game.


Keep it comin! Nice game!

Thank you! I'll give it my best and hopefully live up to your expectations.


Brick Breaker meets Super Hexagon. A very nice throwback to my early gaming years with a twist that works surprisingly well

Thank you so much for buying Circle Breaker Madness. It is nice to hear that the gameplay suits your tastes.

(1 edit) (+3)

Thank you to the dev for making a super fun brick breaker game with an interesting spin to it! I was reminded of some good old days <3 

Thank you for buying the game! I am delighted that you have fun with the game.  Hopefully it will bring you many hours of entertainment.